YouStable Review: Best SEO Web Hosting India

Web Hosting is a core part of a website, and finding a best-hosting provider in India is not an easier task. Many small companies and start-ups are offering the cheapest web hosting in India, and the majority of them are not properly optimized and not recommended for the users.

But, what are the chances to get a cheaper shared Linux hosting, web hosting discounts, and web hosting offer from an Indian based company?

We do have a solution for you, and they are known as Youstable in the web hosting market.

What is Youstable Hosting?

Youstable is an Indian based web hosting company that offers premium hosting at an affordable price, and they are the best hosting provider in India today. Unlike many other major players in the web hosting market, the Youstable shared Linux hosting package starts from $2.49 a month.

The Indian best web hosting company established on morals and goals to help the customers access the premium hosting for a lower price without getting ripped by the hidden cost, and rely on the foreign companies.

Why Youstable?

We have Hostgator in India, and many other reputed companies, then why we would go for the Youstable? First of all, Youstable premium entry-level package cost you $2.49 per month and no other premium is hosting companies can match this price.

And, no other companies offering per month plan as well. Yes, you can buy the web hosting on a monthly basis, and Youstable does not force you to upgrade to 3 months, six months, and 12 months package.

  1. Youstable is a registered company under the Companies Act 2013 Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India. The company Youstable is not a random company nor a fraud company because the Government of India recognizes it.
  2. They have a 24/7 customer care that speaks English and Indian national language Hindi to assist you.
  3. You can buy the premium hosting on a monthly basis, and it is a convenience for start-ups.
  4. You get web hosting discounts and web hosting offers from the Youstable team so that you can upgrade or renew the packages.
  5. There are many unique features & services you get from the Youstable team, and let me tell you that no other company is offering right now.

It’s the beginning of the Youstable journey.

1. Youstable Plans with Features

Youstable offers Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Managed hosting, and WordPress hosting. But, we are going to take a look at the shared hosting entry-level package, and reveal the features that you can get from the company.

  1. The shared hosting entry-level monthly fee is $2.49 a month.
  2. The Managed web hosting entry-level monthly fee is $19.99 a month.
  3. For dedicated web hosting, you have to contact the official team.
  4. The VPS hosting entry-level monthly fee is $19.99 a month.
  5. You get an SSL certificate for free of cost without any limitations, and you can use it as long as you are with the Youstable.
  6. Free on-page SEO service for entry-level packages, and on-page & off-page SEO service for highest packages. But, you have to opt 12-months package to get the SEO services.

You can use the web hosting discounts, and web hosting offers to get few bucks off on the packages.

2. Youstable Shared Hosting

Allow us you to take you to a tour of Youstable shared hosting plans with features.

Monthly Fee: $2.49

  1. 1GB SSD disk space with 100GB bandwidth.
  2. It is a single domain hosting.
  3. You get five email accounts like [email protected]
  4. You get five FTP accounts.
  5. You get five database accounts.
  6. You can add five sub-domains to the web hosting.
  7. 24/4 customer care that includes voice support & email ticket support. The response time of the customer care is pretty good.
  8. A unique option that allows you to get better visibility because the Youstable team will optimize (on-page) your website.

3. Youstable VPS Hosting

Allow us you to take you to a tour of Youstable VPS hosting plans with features.

Monthly Fee: $19.99

  1. 1 GB DDR4 high-frequency RAM.
  2. 25 GB SSD storage.
  3. You get 1TB or 1000 GB bandwidth.
  4. In the entry-level package, you get the single-core processor.
  5. You get Webuzo Pro control panel.
  6. You can expect to get OpenVZ virtualization.
  7. The server downtime is 0.01%.
  8. You get a unique service Basic On-Page SEO.
  9. The customer care is always ready to assist you 24/7.

Keep in mind that the SEO is available on main domain + annual plans only.

4. Youstable Data Centers and Location

The web hosting company Youstable allows you to select the data center’s and server’s locations so that you can target the audience properly.

  1. New Zealand.
  2. The United States of America.
  3. Australia.
  4. The United Kingdom or England.

You can select the data centers during the checkout.

5. Support

Youstable has a dedicated team who handle the premium customers with technical queries, or any problem they have with the web hosting.

  1. The customer care accepts all Youstable web hosting queries.
  2. They provide you with technical support.
  3. The team helps you to resolve the issue within hours.
  4. You have a ticket system, so you can contact the team when you are unable to call them for assistance.
  5. They support English language & Hindi language.


Everyone has a confusion that “Youstable might be good” or “they might be bad for me”, so I recommend you to buy a one-month package, and test them. I mean, $2.49 won’t hurt you at all, and it doesn’t provide any profit to the company as well, and test the customer care, support, and performance. Let us know what do you think about the Youstable in the comment section below.

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