Ringba Review

Ringba Review: Best Enterprise Call Tracking Software

Are you looking for a reliable call tracking software for the enterprise? Ringba is a reliable enterprise call tracking software. It is a complete tool for tracking inbound calls. With it, you can manage call marketing in a better way. In fact, it is a call optimization platform.

By managing and getting insights on the calls, we can easily improve our service, train the staff accordingly, know about the demand of the customers and some other important insights.

Ringba Review

Managing the enterprise calls is not an easy task. You should need the infrastructure to manage those calls. But you don’t need to worry.

Ringba is a trusted call tracking & optimization platform that can easily manage your calls. It acts as a platform for tracking, reporting, routing, recording, and attribution of calls.

Features Of Ringba

Below are the best features of Ringba that can help you to grow your business.

Ringba Review

  • Campaign Tracking

Ringba helps you to track and monitor your call campaigns. All of these campaigns are performed with real-time precision analytics.

  • Advanced Call Attribution Call Technology

It can easily capture native user data of your callers, allowing your team to optimize ad-spend in a powerful new way. This user data parameter includes URL parameters, ISP, carrier data, landing page, geolocation, device, browser, referring data and more.

  • Number Tracking

Ringba can also allocate on-demand toll-free and local phone numbers all over the world. Also, its Ring Pool technology allows you to capture user data and each conversion assigned to the right user information. It can easily increase your return on investment.

  • Automated Call Routing

You can also create dynamic routing plans to automatically manage your call flow. When you are creating the campaign, you can also to add target groups, specific targets, target performance and much more. You can also configure cap volume with flexible timetables and restrictions, browser, ISP, landing page, location, referring website and more.

  • By performing load balancing, you can eliminate abandons, reclaim lost revenue, and sell your best calls to your highest paying buyers.
  • Get access to telecom network in more than 50 countries.
  • Monitor the call s in real-time.

Who Can Use Ringba

Ringba can be used by following individual and organization.

  • Pay Per Call Network
  • Affiliate Network
  • Call Center
  • e-Commerce
  • TV Advertisers
  • Small and Large businesses


Ringba Review

Ringba offers three plans for their customer. These plans are basic, premium and custom. Although all of its plans are low-priced the basic plan is the most economical plan among all. This plan suits the need of the beginners.

Premium Plan will cost you $99 per month. The Enterprise plan is a custom plan. In this plan, you can set the price on the basis of your business need. For this plan, you need to contact their sales.

One of the key points of their plan is that they don’t have any contract s for their plans. Also, they don’t charge any setup fees.


It provides 24*7 excellent customer support via live chat, phone, and email. If you have any issue while using Ringba, their customer support team will solve your issue with ease.


There is no doubt that Ringba is one of the best call tracking software. If your business involved in managing calls then it is highly recommended to use Ringba. It can provide detailed marketing insights related to call that can easily grow your business.

If you have not tried Ringba then just go, use Ringba and improve your business.

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