Kicksta Review: Trusted Growth Service For Instagram Followers

Kicksta Review
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Everybody who is using Instagram wants to get more followers. Are you looking for increasing your Instagram followers? If yes, then this post is for you.

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business? Instagram can be a great platform for marketing. In fact, it is an ideal space for businesses to engage their audiences.

Instagram helps us to stay connected with our loved ones. But we can also use this platform to grows our brand and persona better than any other social network. If you want to reach your target audience with ease then you should invest your time on building a marketing strategy for Instagram.

There are many Instagram automation tools. But most of them do not provide high-quality service and many will deliver you fake followers and bots

If you are looking for a high-quality service that helps you in getting real Instagram followers then “Kicksta” is one of the best services for you.

What Is Kicksta

Kicksta is an Instagram Automation Tool that helps you get new and real Instagram followers organically. This tool is used by brand, businesses, and influencers and it engages with new Instagram followers on a regular basis to expand your reach to ultimately grow your business further.

It uses a safe way to grow your Instagram audience. In fact, Kicksta is focused on connecting you with your ideal target audience and demographics.

Key Features

  • Unique Filtering System

Kicksta uses a unique filtering system to filter out all spam & undesirable accounts. The filters are based on Additional filters are provided with business accounts with which you can narrow down your targets with respect to Gender, Location, and if you wish you can also add Blacklists to filter out specific accounts.

  • Analytics Dashboard

With its Analytics Dashboard, you can have access to all the account information and analytics of your followers. You can also track like and comments. Also, in this dashboard, you can update your account info like passwords, billings etc.

  • Safe & Secure

Kicksta uses the only safe technique to grow your Instagram followers. It engages with the target audience to expand your reach. Also, your data with Kicksta will always remain secure. 256-bit encryption is used to encrypt all the data.

  • Dedicated Customer Support Team

In order for a business to be successful, it should provide good customer service and Kicksta provides the best customer support to their customers. You can contact their support team via live chat or email 24*7. Support can help you with selecting and optimizing your targets for your specific account and Kicksta has a blog on their website with tips on how to optimize your Instagram and marketing it successfully.


Kicksta offers two types of plans for its customers. You can choose your growth plan and start getting real followers on Instagram today.

1. The Creative: $49 per month

  • $49 per month
  • Moderate Growth
  • Smart Filters
  • Safe & Secure
  • Exclusive Video Onboarding
  • 10 Targets

2. The Professional: $99 per month

  • Moderate Growth
  • Smart Filters
  • Safe & Secure
  • Exclusive Video Onboarding
  •  Maximum Growth
  •  40 Targets
  •  Premium Email Support
  •  Live Chat Support
  •  Dedicated Account Manager
  • Gender, Hashtag, and Location Targeting
  • Blacklist

How Kicksta Works

Below is the process of Kicksta working.

1. After you sign up, you need to provide Kicksta with a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers that you’d like to attract. At this step, you will tell about What type Instagram audience you want?

2. At this step, Kicksta will ‘like’ 1-2 photos from each user following those target accounts you provided.

3. The users will get a notification that you liked their photo and come back to check your profile.

Why You Should Choose Kicksta

  • Improve your brand’s credibility
  • Increase in website traffic and sales
  • Get real followers
  • Saves you time
  • Affordable Price
  • 14-days money-back guarantee


Whether you are using Instagram for personal or business use, Kicksta can be a great tool to increase real followers and engagement for your Instagram account. Also, it is easy, safe and affordable to use. Kicksta also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. Kicksta is highly recommended to increase Instagram followers.

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