HostiServer Review

HostiServer Review: Affordable Managed Web Hosting

Are you looking for a low price and high-quality web hosting? If yes then you should read this article. As you know, most of the business are going online. Every business wants to build their website. For creating a good website, you really need a high-quality web hosting service.

Although there are many different web hosting services available. But most of them are high-priced and we unaware about its quality. Although every hosting service is different from other. But the price is also one key deciding factor for the customer.

In this post, we are going to tell you about a managed web hosting service in the USA and Europe named HostiServer.

What Is HostiServer

HostiServer is a web hosting company founded in 2012.  They have an ambitious team of highly qualified IT-professionals with extensive experience in providing rich-quality hosting and infrastructure solutions. The company always makes efforts to provides maximum satisfaction to their customers. The providing hosting and CDN service including VPS, dedicated server, Anycast CDN, and Online Server Backup.

Types Of Service HostiServer Provides

  • VPS Hosting

HostiServer Review

They provide managed VPS hosting service. Some of its features include website acceleration, unlimited backup, real-time monitoring and the VPS is also SSD. You don’t need to worry about managing the hosting. It will be managed by the company itself. For the smooth working of the website, they will easily upgrade and downgrade your server.

Every virtual private server comes with free migration, initial setup, 10 Mbps CDN, KVM virtualization, unlimited backup storage and more.

  • Dedicated Server

HostiServer Review

You can buy its high-quality dedicated server at a starting price of $130 per month. Dedicated Server package also includes 20 Mbps CDN, 250 GB backup storage, unlimited ipv6 and 2 IPv4, 1 GBPS port speed, 2 hours full support and much more.

Also, they provide high-end data security so that your server data remains safe.

  • Anycast CDN

HostiServer Review

Its anycast CDN can easily speed up your website and improve your site’s SEO. You can quickly start with their CDN platform. This CDN service is compatible with major CMS and applications. It PoPs are placed in the areas of high demand including Phoenix, Herndon, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. For content protection, it includes time-expiring links, hotlink protection and more sophisticated solutions at your request.

  • Online Server Backup

HostiServer also provides the rock-solid scalable solution for secure data backup and recovery. All of their backup-servers are equipped with enterprise-grade drives in RAID. Also, they will configure important data backup schedule according to your needs and requirements. For data uploads and downloads out of storage, there is no limit and charge applied.


Their technical team provides support from data center rack to daily operations. They take control of everything from racking your server in Tier-3 certified data-centers and up to hardware lifecycle management. The necessary software is also installed by their technical team.

For support, you can send them an email, do live chat and also make a call.

Their managed hosting solutions are best suited for websites like high-load websites, media-rich websites, tube websites, games website, e-commerce, and popular blogs.


By looking at the feature of HostiServer hosting solution, we can easily say that it is one best-managed hosting provider out there. Their main is to provide the high-quality hosting solution to their customer. Also, all of their plans are low-priced.

If you are looking for a great web hosting provider then HostiServer is highly recommended.

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