EmailMarker Review

EmailMarker Review: Trusted Email Verification Service

Do you want to clean up your email list? If yes, then you need a top-quality email verification service. Most of the time our email list contains invalid or fake email addresses. If we the process of email verification is not done then there will be a negative impact of the deliverability rate.

Your bounce rate will increase and it may lead to the account suspension. So the process of email verification is vital for every email marketing campaign.

EmailMarker is one of the best email verification services. It is a trusted solution for your digital marketing needs. Many small and large organization use their email verification service for cleaning their email list.

EmailMarker Review

Their strong data effectiveness instantly detects email accounts are unsafe to send or not and helps you to filter bad emails when you send. It will increase your email deliverability by removing invalid addresses, hard bounces, complaints, spam traps and disposables.

Your ROI will surely increase with EmailMarker. It saves money by improving email campaign and increases sender reputation with ISP.

Features of EmailMarker

There are some excellent features in EmailMarker that helps you to get rid of the invalid emails from your list with ease. Below are some of the best features of EmailMarker.

  • Real-Time Email Verification API

With the help of their real-time email verification API, you can verify Emails within your Application or website. It will save your time and provides a better user experience by preventing spamming and email entry mistakes. Their real-time API is available in PHP, Python, Nodejs, and .net.

  • High Accuracy Rate

EmailMarker service provides validation accuracy of 97 percent. Email Validation accuracy rate is a key point in the whole process. A high accuracy rate means, your email deliverability rate will also be high and bounce rate will be less. The emails you send will land directly in the inboxes of the email subscribers.

  • Bulk Email Verification

Starting from 1K up to 2M, it can verify your email list within a few minutes. It normally takes less than 10 minutes to process 10k email verification.

  • Excellent Support

EmailMarker provides excellent support 24/7 via email, online chat, and phone. Their customer support team assist you instantly whenever you need their help regarding their service.

It syntax engine is so accurate that it detects invalid email formats and lets the good ones through. This email verification service removes spamtraps and complainers through various control processes. Some of its other features are email deduplication, domain validation, active email check and quality domain database.


EmailMarker Review

Their pricing structure is simple and highly competitive. 150 email verification can be done for free. You can opt for their starting plan at $3 for 1000 email verifications. For 10K email verifications, $21 is charged.


There is no doubt that EmailMarker is an excellent email verification service. If you are looking for an email verification service at low-price with top-quality service then you EmailMarker can be a great option for you. Also, their customer support is available for 24/7.

Surely EmailMarker is a trusted email verification service for your email marketing needs.

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