CanIRank Review: The Popular Tool Reviewed

In this post, we decided to test out the up-and-coming SEO tool, known as “CanIRank.” As noted by enthusiasts, CanIRank is a full-service SEO tool that focuses on providing actionable opportunities for growth, over just SEO data.

If you haven’t heard of CanIRank, we’ve compiled the pros and cons for you to analyze if this software will help you achieve your search engine ranking goals.

So, you want to increase the targeted visitors & readers count to your site? Do you want to rank higher in the SERPS? If you are just publishing the articles and waiting for traffic to come you are missing out on viable opportunities. Similarly, if you are working in a niche with the high competition then proper planning & SEO analysis of your website is vital.

How will you do this planning & analysis for your website? Meet CanIRank.

Introduction to CanIRank

CanIRank is simply game-changing for small businesses and big brands alike. CanIRank analyzes SEO data from numerous sources and based on that, gives you practical, actionable advice – in simple terms. Just enter your website URL and you will be given a powerful SEO checklist.

It is the first SEO software using AI to give you specific action recommendations rather than just data. This tool was born from finding patterns in SEO data. Its automated data processing allows users to understand exactly what Google likes, as well as what they need to do in order for their websites to rank better.

The CanIRank software leverages data collection through several API integrations with well-known and trusted tools and uses machine learning to analyze the thousands and thousands of lines of data, to make clear, actionable insights, plans, and recommendations based on that data analysis.

Features of CanIRank

The CanIRank Competitive Analysis tool doesn’t just tell you which are the top-ranking pages/content on your site, but it also explains what drives those top rankings. And it does so in a way that is easy to understand. Once the software has positioned a keyword against the ranking competitors, it explains exactly what needs to do to improve the rankings.

It is one of the best SEO competitive analysis software helps you easily understand which factors drive top rankings for any keyword, so you can create a customized SEO strategy and get top rankings. It analyzes over 200 factors from 7 different sources. You can easily get everything you need to know in one easy report, automatically pulled in via API for your website and competitors. It explains exactly what needs to do to improve the rankings.

CanIRank provides you with a number of link building strategies with higher success rates. It includes competitor links, unlinked mentions, resource pages, Q&A, communities, aggregators, niche directories, and guest posts. It also helps you in instantly add relationships with thousands of different journalists, bloggers, and communities to your team.

The tool also tells you the likelihood of a website like yours earning a link from a given target, thanks to machine learning models trained on analysis of hundreds of thousands of linked websites.

CanIRank simplifies link-building by generating opportunities customized to a user’s site, and provides guidance on which of these opportunities are likely to link to the users, provide a do follow link and generate the most “link juice”. They continuously provide detailed step by step instructions on how these links can be achieved, as well as all other recommendations.

CanIRank uses the same machine learning techniques that power Google. They show you which keywords offer the best balance between traffic potential and ranking difficulty specifically for your website. It is the only keyword SEO difficulty tool on the market to incorporate thematic relevancy and other machine learning-based signals into our keyword difficulty calculations.

The CanIRank Keyword Research tool uses multiple different sources to uncover keyword suggestions within a user’s niche. There isn’t much point in doing keyword research in the exact same way as your competitors, which tends to be predominately Google Keyword Planner.

CanIRank has one of the best Keyword Research tools out there. It adds several unique sources not found in other keyword research tools, including words targeted by your competitors, terms frequently used on high ranking pages, and semantically related phrases.


CanIRank offers four types of software plans including a free plan. The plans are named as DIY Individual, DIY Pro and DIY Agency. The agency is also backed by a full-service SEO agency, should you decide you’d rather outsource the work to experts in the field.


CanIRank provides excellent support to their customers via Knowledgebase, ticket-systems, live-chat, and email.

Why You Should Choose CanIRank

  • All in One SEO Software
  • AI-technology
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Best Customer Support


As CanIRank is an affordable, opportunity-rich, easy-to-use, data-informed AI software, we 100% recommend it to anyone looking to grow their online presence. At the very least, test out the free version, to see what we mean.

Also if you want to learn more about SEO in general, CanIRank is a great place to get started in 2019.

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